Volunteers Needed at Brighouse Station.

We need a number of additional volunteers to help in the smooth running of Friends of Brighouse Station.

If you feel as though you could help with any of the following jobs, please email paulmfobschair@btinternet.com

Full explanation of the job and training will be given. The volunteers must be over the age of 18.

Plant Deadheading Team.
1 volunteer to work at the station on a five-week rota removing dead flowerheads and damaged leaves from the fence planters Barrels and flower beds.
Depending on the time of year the time taken is usually one and a half hours midweek if possible.

Gardening And Nature Area Team.
Up to three volunteers to help out with the gardening jobs and to work in the New Nature area at the end of platform 2.
Working normally takes place on the second Sunday in the month 10am to 12.00 or Wednesday mornings 9.30 to 11.30 am.

Plant Watering Assistant.
This work is usually carried out between April and October usually once mid-week and once at weekends. Watering cans are used from nearby tanks to keep the annual plants alive. We already have volunteers to carry out the watering but during hot weather and holiday times and sickness periods we may need someone on standby to help out.

If you know of anyone who may like to volunteer to help our hard working teams please pass this information on.