Our Activities

Since we, as a Group, came into being in January 2015 there have been quite significant changes in the general appearance of the Station. This has been achieved by our having ‘divided up’ the station into a number of distinct ‘areas’ and then working on them one by one – finishing one before going on to another (although, depending on available people we do sometimes have more than one ‘project’ running at a time !)

Click here to explore an interactive plan to see how the different areas have developed since FoBS adopted the station. (Watch where the pointer changes into a hand).

The Group activity at the station now really falls into 3 categories:

a) Generally keeping the station tidy by regular litter picking in areas where our Contract Cleaners don’t go and keeping weeds under control in the car park and pathways etc

b) ‘Garden Maintenance’ – this includes both the planted beds and the fence mounted planters and platform barrels

c) Work to turn neglected areas into visually pleasing ones (i.e. our ‘projects’ )

We do this in 2 ways:

1) A monthly ‘working day’ – usually the 2nd Sunday in the month

2) Individuals taking responsibility for a specific area or task and going to the Station as and when it suits them – for example Roy & Beryl take care of the flower bed at the top of the car park, Beulah & Keith the ‘insect hotel and garden’.

Occasionally during the Summer months we also meet as a Group on a weekday evening – usually to put ‘finishing touches’ to the Station before a Competition judging !

If you would like to help with the challenge of keeping Brighouse Railway Station as one of the most (we think the most but we would admit to some bias !) florally attractive stations on the Calder Valley line please do either come along on a ‘working Sunday’ or contact us for a chat

Our Scheduled working days for 2021 are below. We meet in the Station Car park at 10-00 and generally finish around 12-00 (but no obligation to stay for the full 2 hours )

July 11th
August 8th
September 12th
October 10th
November 21st (Note: 14th is Remembrance Sunday)
December 12th
January 9th
February 13th
March 13th
April 10th
May 8th
June 12th